Consolidating Debt To Ease Repayment


Debt Consolidation, as the name says it means consolidating all your debts together such as your credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, etc. These will get into one main bill, and you can issue a single check. When put into one check it will help you to avoid mistakes like late payments and incorrect amount. The major types of debt consolidation include debt management plans, debt settlement, and debt consolidation loans. These should not be considering as a complete fix for your problem. Rather, these can help you to pay your creditors the amount in installments.

You can look for a personal loan for paying off the debts. You could get into a debt management plan so that you can consolidate a big amount of the debt of credit card without taking a new loan.

Consolidating your bills can help you to eliminate debt by adding all your bills and paying it with a single loan. With this consolidation, you will be paying one payment per month. It will be a good idea if you have five or ten bills to pay. If you want to know about consolidation loans, the best places to check will be banks and credit unions. The main thing one should know is about consolidating the bills.


You should start by calculating the number of bills whatever it is; it could be credit cards, personal loans, etc. and the payment you should give on a monthly basis. By doing this, you will get to know about your credit score. Once you get all the figures correct, the next thing is to find a lender and comparing the rates they give, the time they are giving for repayment and their interest rate. If you are consolidating the bills, it should give you a lower interest and lower monthly payment. By doing this, you will get a practical way to avoid debt.

If you plan to consolidate your credit card debt, the best way is to put a stop to the usage of credit cards and start giving cash payments. When you calculate all the debts, select one credit card and use it wisely.

When you plan to consolidate the bills, the main thing you should have will be patience. You should be patient enough to organize things correctly so that you do not miss any of the bills. Get the total of the amount in the bills and organize your monthly payment as in how much can you pay for a month, after deducting the payment for you and your family’s necessities. When you are clear with the figures, you can proceed with taking a personal loan. You should understand that it is not a quick fix as it takes almost five years to get all the things back to the track. Consolidating the debts sound easy, but if you fail to do so your credit rating will take a drop and your financial situations will get worst.

Once you get all your finance back on track, make sure to use the credit cards wisely and pay your bills regularly and on time.

What Is Debt Management Plan?


A debt management plan is one of the services of debt consolidation plans that are developed to support people restore managing their finances by decreasing unsecured debts. Some of the unsecured debt includes medical bills, student loans and credit cards.

Debt management plan is one of the important methods that controls your debt amount and decreases the frequency of payments per month. It also saves your money in terms of fees and interest.

The key benefits of debt management plan are it makes a reasonable monthly budget based on your financial goal. It facilitates you remain organized and more prompt with your payments. Paying your bills regularly on time can boost your credit score and credit report over a period of time. Your creditors stop calling you repeatedly for payments.

Have you thought about debt management plan? Then you must first pick a credit counseling firm. Some credit counseling companies charge fees and some are non-profit organizations that offer you free services. The financial experts guide you that you must pick a popular credit counseling firm that has counselors experienced in debt management and consumer credit. The counselors facilitate you in framing your budget and managing debt.

You must check whether the organization is licensed, and have good customer feedback and check that the company is free from any customer complaints. You must also ask the complete price quote. You can check if any hidden charges are there before availing their services.


You can verify the credit counseling firm record with the BBB or Better Business Bureau. Pick a suitable credit counselor with whom you feel comfortable to work with. The counselor will examine your finances and support you to frame a budget. Your counselor suggests you the suitable debt management plan for your debt problem.

Your credit counselors discuss with your creditors and negotiate the interest rates and decide your payment schedule and you want to review the plan and approve it before starting. Your counselor will calculate your monthly living expenses such as mortgage bills, secured loans, utility bills, rent, living expenses and the balance amount in your monthly salary will be shared among the creditors.

You can also deposit a certain amount to the credit counseling firm and they will pay the money to your creditors based on the agreed payment period. The cost of the debt management plan is not expensive. Most of the company offers free initial consultation and you want to pay a little deposit amount and then a small amount of monthly maintenance fee.

You must ignore credit counseling firms that demand application fee, pre-creditor fee and membership fee. Are you interested in a debt management plan? Then you must check in online to find the best debt management firms that are comfortable to work with. It is good to pick the non-profit companies since they are more reliable and well-trained and certified in the process.

Before contacting a credit counseling firm, you should list your income and expenses per month. Using your latest bills and salary slip, you must calculate your the list accurately and you should ensure that you hold all the details with you before approaching the company.